VRMediaGroup is a US based new venture company with over 30 years tenured experience in information technology, new ventures and change management. Although IT is universal, our specialty is in the health business processes, agriculture and education. Our team draws experience and tenure from world renown medical institutions like Mayo Clinic, Duke Hospital, the US Stock Exchange, as well as individual clients who seek us out. 

This is an Information Technology based firm charged with the goal to develop new products, and to facilitate innovations and services geared towards the marketplace. The product scope is broad and inclusive yet focuses on consumer products that solve basic human needs that improve steps and procedures to completion. You will find the VRMediaGroup team problem solving for the food, clothing, healthcare, education, agriculture, and the human development sectors.

We partner with organizations and individuals to establish best practices and service delivery, utilizing state-of-the-art technology based in India. They are having professional teams in IT, Networking and Software Development and Mobile App Development. The technology team led by Gaddi Lingamurthy, CEO brings 360 analysis in information technology, and capacity building.

Mr. Gaddi has a Double Master’s Degree in MSc (Computer Science) and M.Tech (Computer Science) and has worked in Isoftel Telecommunications Singapore, where he was part of a team of researching analysts with very large billing systems that specialized in Radius servers and B2B billing.

Gaddi was also a key architect in Northgate Technologies Ltd and headed the R&D division and also developed the second largest VoIP product, Globe7, which is globally used by millions of users across 140 countries and worked for many subsidiary companies in UK, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Gaddi has had hands on involvement in developing the SOR systems, Message Queue Servers, Inter Process Communication Systems and has been involved in functionality, stability and performance improvements in algorithmic trading and exchange connectivity components of the proprietary trading platform and has developed high frequency core algorithmic components by integrating risk frame structured frameworks in global markets. Currently, he is acting as a Director in WeFinTeck and he is one of the prominent key architects in building an ultra-low-latency platform and has implemented a High frequency trading platform.

New product design has been at the forefront in managing new venture channels to the market, product development and prototyping, retool and redesign of new opportunities for consumption in the basic industries. Majority of partners are problem solvers seeking to introduce new tools in agricultural, health delivery processes and systems, learning technologies and solutions for everyday living. The deployment process is shortened by teams charged to develop low-cost prototypes and market tests that have been successful and flawless. 

Our company will deliver products and services to a startup, small business and large organizations alike. Our human resource capacity in technology is enviable coupled with systems analysis of all products and services for organizations coming through our contact channels. We analyze change management as a service to you when you introduce and adjust new technologies into your business. We will host your systems in order to maintain and service the changes until you are satisfied.  


1. Collaborating with stakeholders, and customers to identify end-user requirements and specifications.

2. Designing algorithms and flowcharts to create new software programs and systems.

3. Producing efficient and elegant code based on requirements.

4. Testing and deploying programs and applications.

5. Troubleshooting, debugging, maintaining, and improving existing software.

 6. Compiling and assessing user feedback to improve software performance.

7. Observing user feedback to recommend improvements to existing software products.

8. Developing technical documentation to guide future software redesign