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We develop software solutions for your business using advanced technologies and concepts

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Our company will deliver products and services to a startup, small business, and large organizations alike.


Our mission is to deliver high quality software engineered solutions to companies by maintaining the highest employment standards, activating our collective potential and living our values.


Our long term vision is to be the world’s best software engineering and solutions company, measured by the value we deliver to our clients, our employees and the greater community.

Our History

VRMediaGroup (Victoria Republics) is a US based venture company with over 30 years tenured experience in information technology. Operating with partners India and Eastern Africa.

This is a professional team of IT, Networking and Software Development, Mobile App Development, and Product development.

The technology team in India is led by Gaddi Lingamurthy, CEO brings 360 analysis in information technology, and capacity building.

Mr. Gaddi has a Double Master’s Degree in MSc (Computer Science) and M.Tech (Computer Science) and has worked in Isoftel Telecommunications Singapore, where he was part of a team of researching analysts with very large billing systems that specialized in Radius servers and B2B billing.

Gaddi was also a key architect in Northgate Technologies Ltd and headed the R&D division and he developed the second largest VoIP product, Globe7, which is globally used by millions of users across 140 countries and worked for many subsidiary companies in UK, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Gaddi has had hands on involvement in developing the SOR systems, Message Queue Servers, Inter Process Communication Systems and has been involved in functionality, stability and performance improvements in algorithmic trading and exchange connectivity components of the proprietary trading platform and has developed high frequency core algorithmic components by integrating risk frame structured frameworks in global markets.

The Eastern Africa team is split into Networking, Software Development, Mobile App Development lead by Software Developers,Wellington Wayne, Kenny Chris and a team leading in scalable Product Development of digital solutions for rustic markets for the region

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